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Free AutoLisp
Rev. 11/28/21
Over 1000 Lisp Files
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  • Summary List
  • Short Catalog*
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    files are updated)
  • Required Blocks

  • (if lisp says *.dwg
    not found look here)

    [ $ ] ParaPIPE
    [ $ ] GPDGN
    [ $ ] ParaPOINT
    free BPLOT2K
    free CLG Doctor
    free ABBR
    free TNOTE
    free ParaMASK

  • 72" WM & Apps
  • P&P Technique

  • Fully parametric pipeline design tool with automated graphic editing tools
    and high quality plan & profile sheet set generator

    Menu Toolbars for AutoCAD

    View our Screencast demonstrations to learn more.
    They are a five part series. Items 2-5 are of GPDGN and range from 1.5 minutes to 4.75 minutes each. The first item is a comprehensive demonstration of ParaPOINT which is about 22 minutes long. If your designers draw up their own base drawings from point files you should have a look at ParaPOINT.
    The screencasts were captured in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014; however, the program has been fully tested for use in AutoCAD versions 2013-2022 (and it even works with older versions of AutoCAD). AutoCAD Civil 3D is not required to effectively use ParaPOINT or GPDGN but it has has been used in the demonstrations.

    Autodesk© Screencast© Demonstrations

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