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  • a fully parametric mechanical piping design and drafting tool by

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    ParaPIPE was born out of a frustration with creating and managing block libraries of pipe fittings and the prohibitive cost of piping design software.

    ParaPIPE is a fully parametric piping design tool for flanged, mechanical joint, grooved and welded fittings and pipe. The available version is written in autolisp, dialog driven and works from within AutoCAD.

    ParaPIPE draws pipe in 2D. Line work is placed over optionally placed images which act much like wipeouts but without the unnecessary custom entity restrictions and reactor involvement. We call these images 'White-Outs'. ParaPIPE's White-Outs CAN hide along arcs and circles while wipeouts cannot. The hiding effect accomplished by our White-Outs is done in real time so no hidden line removal is ever required. The White-Outs create white space over any line work either by order of occurrence or using draworder. Using ParaPIPE's White-Outs means no trimming of line work is ever required. Simply draw on top of other line work or use draworder to put newly drawn piping under previously drawn piping and the piping beneath other piping is automatically hidden from view. Use draworder to rearrange pipe and fittings over or under any drawing objects.

    ParaPIPE positions pipe and fittings to centerline intersections in"Insert Mode", or mated to the end of a previously placed pipe or fitting in "Continue Mode". "Continue Mode" senses the rotation of the end to continue from automatically and temporarily sets the cross hair snap angle for easy placement using AutoCAD's ortho snap.

    ParaPIPE creates a group for each pipe or fitting drawn. Selection of the complete fitting requires only a single pick when group lock is on.

    ParaPIPE optionally draws single-line, double-line, or both representations of your piping design simultaneously while managing layers you specify within an adaptation of the CAD Layer Guidelines (CLG).

    ParaPIPE's adaptation of the CLG allows the user extensive control over layer names while maintaining the uniqueness required for all possible pipe and fitting sizes, colors, linetypes, single-line, double-line, existing, new or any other subdivision you may need. The need for user interaction has been minimized throughout ParaPIPE.

    ParaPIPE includes streamlined program driven manipulation of piping layers to achieve the view of your design that you want. Select a view scale to automatically turn off layers containing the single-lines or double-lines that are not useful for output at that scale.

    ParaPIPE's powerful and user friendly layer handling functions provide a simple method of preserving every element of your design so it is always available to you but never in your way. It makes the creation of any view you may require an easy task. Just set options for your display such as EXISTING ON to display all existing piping or DEMOLISH OFF to turn off the display of all piping to be demolished, etc. Piping of different disciplines, processes, pipe sizes, etc. can all be easily segregated and managed.

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